How To Buy Silver Coins For Your IRA


Coins and precious metals have always been good ways for people to make easy money. You have to do your research to find the material that you’re looking to collect and you then decide how it will move. Silver coins have some of the highest price increases and great supply/demand fundamentals. Silver is great for investing, typically has time periods when the prices inflate, and is great to put back for a rainy day to set a survival fund. Realistically, even the rich and famous are trying to make money on coins: like Warren Buffet, who purchased over 129 million ounces of silver to invest it other places –  proving that silver has true monetary power.


Precious Metal Has Always Been a Great LLC IRA Investment


Buying silver can be a great way to protect yourself from inevitable inflation throughout a historical time period. In the 1970s, for example, silver and gold prices sky-rocketed at a rate of about 13%. In the ’70s, most silver investments would have included pretty much any form of silver bullion, not simply coins. This included 1-oz silver bullet rounds and coins before 1965 that would have been made primarily of 90% silver and 100 ounce silver bars. Inflation came back down in the 80s through federal control, and much of the proceeds of this silver trade was put back into paper investments because of the variation of price.


Silver is also great for protection against a “worst-case” scenario. Not only does it assuage end of the world fears about the dollar becoming worthless (the case for all historical paper currencies not redeemable in gold or silver) creating a financial meltdown that could close all banks like in 2002 in Argentina and Paraguay. In this situation, those with the foresight to put their money into gold or silver were protected against the economic crash and had means to barter and trade for goods or services when many had absolutely nothing.


How To Buy Silver Coin - Silver EagleWhat to Buy?


When buying Silver, the best forms for survival purposes are typically pre-1965 U.S. silver coins and 1 ounce silver rounds. Why? Whereas the most useful forms of gold would be fractional ounce coins like Gold Eagles or the Krugerrand; you have to assume that Numismatic premiums would disappear in an emergency market. No one is going to ask you about the mint mark on your coin, or when or where it was minted, they’re only going to want to know the content or amount you have. Make it Home Delivery IRA


Buying for Your Own Survival


Collector’s coin prices are fleeting in our normal markets; and it’s important to understand that telemarketers and sales people are constantly lying and using tactics to get you to make a purchase that aren’t always honest and straightforward. Prices and values change, and what you bought might not be worth what you thought it was – and sometimes if you’re trying to survive it could go wrong and put you in the hole. Furthermore, if you need to use your coins for goods or services, you’re going to want to have small amount coins, not huge chunks of metal. These coins will be readily accepted, especially if they’re stamped in English and have their gold or silver content stamped on them. To make things easier, buy amounts like an ounce, a half ounce, a quarter ounce, so on and so forth. Avoid difficult amounts like .2354 that might make a prospective buyer nervous.


Why Buy Silver?


If gold ever did resurface as the preferred form of money, it would be more advantageous to have lots of small silver coins, like U.S. Silver Eagles or junk coins; because you would need to buy things like canned food or fresh food; and even if it was an expensive purchase you would just trade a large amount of silver coins; it wouldn’t be advantageous to take gold. When making a decision on which types of coins to buy you have to consider how many coins you’re actually getting. If you buy a thousand dollars of silver junk coins, you might get 715 ounces of silver; whereas you’d get 10,000 dimes or 4,000 quarters- neither of them having any real value compared to

silver. In a survival situation, you’d much rather have the 715 pieces of silver because they’ll still have more value because the prices aren’t based on the American economy.


How To Buy Silver Coin - junk coinsHow To Buy Silver Coins


It’s very easy to get started purchasing coins, once you know what to look for. The best part is that you can buy them directly from the government, with guarantees  being made from one troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver. You purchase the coins based on the overall market prices of silver, plus premiums to cover the minting and distribution, but the quality makes it much more worth the buying process; and over 130 million have been sold since 1986. If you’re looking to purchase these varieties of coins, all you have to do is going online and hunt for a best deal.


It’s important to purchase these types of items in a good market that benefits you. Look for fluctuations in interest and market values that could net you savings. In the end, it’s about having more silver pieces than fewer, and it’s great to invest today. These particular pieces are shipped in bulk and provide you with a great collection of valuables to save you in case of financial crises. Feel good about your coin collection – as people have been using these types of collections for years to save up a nest egg in case something goes wrong.